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Over the past 30 years Sims Trucking Inc. has tackled numerous large commercial projects while also satisfying the needs of people in our community.

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What material do we deliver?

We haul a range of materials including; Fill dirt, Hard pan, Sand, and Road base material - asphalt millings, 57 rock. All material is subject to availability and may change on a daily basis.

What is our pricing?

Our pricing varies based on the material you receive and the location of the delivery. Please call our office to get a quote on a delivery. If you are a contractor looking to purchase material from one of our locations our pricing is listed in the website under pit locations.

Am I able to pick up the material from your location directly?

Only contractors who have certified vehicles that can handle getting into our pit locations to pick up material. This is for the safety of all.

What services do we provide?

At Sims Trucking Inc. we deliver material including fill dirt, sand, and other material. We also clear land, demo property, remove unsuitable, and other site prep needs such as grading and excavation work. 

What is our time frame for delivery?

We do our best to accommodate everyone's needs and try to deliver as quickly as possible. With that being said, our schedule fills up rather quickly and it is always best to let us know as far in advance as possible so we can make sure we get you the material or work completed on time.

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